Now more than ever, Industry is feeling the effects of the following key "Buzzwords" - Compliance, Legislated Regulations, Due Diligence, Productiveness, Quality Control. These "Buzzwords" are forever infiltrating the workplace and adding to an already accelerated pace.

Industry and industry leaders are often held hostage by these buzzwords and the trends they provoke.

Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors and Safety directors, put their defences up at the mention of these terms, and rightly so.

The problem is the unending amount of gray areas involved with all of these terms. Guidelines are especially prone to interpretation.

Costs associated with trying to sort things out, have and will continue to escalate. Time and labour spent to identify & correct deficiencies by joint Health and Safety committees are often a lengthy and costly process. Issues drag on and remain unresolved. The process is not efficient. Some solutions derived at are extremely costly, some are wrong. Although with good intentions, the wheel is often reinvented.

Does all of this sound familiar? It should. However, there is one consoling factor; you are not alone.

History has shown that this scenario applies to all industries. It has been observed repeatedly in the Pulp & Paper, Railroad, Aerospace, Mining and Construction sectors. Small contracting firms can virtually be wiped out due to the associated costs with compliance issues.

We must all be aware of this fact; The conservation of people, process and profits are of the utmost importance to any successful company. If any of the aforementioned is omitted or neglected, the continuity of the enterprise is at risk. Shareholders demand profits, managers require higher production, and people wish to go home to their families at the end of the day.

We are all aware that budgets must be met. We are also aware that there is a significant cost associated with Safety in the workplace. It always seems, however, that this area is subjected to cuts when situations dictate cost reductions. This detrimental action always leads to employee resentment and skews the relationship which the management has worked so hard to build. The end result of this cycle has been proven time and time again. The correlation between healthy attitudes and the quality of the process must operate in parallel. The product and the customers are the ultimate recipients of effects derived from actions out of their control.

As leaders, we must be prevalent and proactive. We must walk the talk. Without this mindset, we are destined for problems. Problems cost money. The lack of money forces budgetary constraints. It's easy to realize how we must take action to break this unending vicious circle. The time is now.

Enter Industrial Solutions Management.

Our Company is a consortium of qualified, experienced personnel who have all come through this typical scenario. We have all come through the ranks, been on both the labor and management sides of the relevant issues, and have witnessed the factors and costly effects attributed to incorrect decisions being made.

We bring a wealth of field experience to the table. Our staff includes: former Plant Managers, Production Superintendents, Health & Safety Directors, qualified Trainers and Analytical Troubleshooting Personnel. We solve problems.

The key: we do it "Cost Effectively". There's a Buzzword for consideration.

We firmly believe that Shareholders should receive profits. Managers must manage productivity with the least amount of restricting constraints placed upon them. Supervisors must coordinate the floor work in an efficient manner without exposing people or process to risk or loss. Most importantly, we believe workers must perform tasks in a safe, productive and consistent manner. We believe, and know, that this goal is achievable and profitable.

ISM's Role....

  1. We are made aware of, or identify a need or problem area at your facility.
  2. We troubleshoot the problem, identify the corrective measures, and consult the options available.
  3. We implement the chosen course of action from start to finish (engineering, training, products, certification and debriefing).
  4. We follow up and audit the results.
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