When mounting, dismounting and moving about from a High Rail Truck situation, users can now protect themselves from the moment they leave the safety of the cab. Fall Protection is achieved by a Travel Restricting System, i.e.: ensuring the worker is connected at all times.

The system is installed prior to going onto the bridge. Once all components are inspected and the user has donned the harness, he drives onto the bridge. Before leaving the cabin of the truck, the user connects a retractable lanyard to the back D-Ring of the harness. He then dismounts and connects the front D-Ring of the harness to the Travel restricting lifeline on the truck, then can disconnect from the back D-Ring. He can now walk in total safety to the back of the truck. Once at the back, he connects a self retracting lifeline to the back D-Ring of the harness and disconnects from the travel restricting system. He can now safely reach the work area.

The user remains connected at all times.

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