Confined Space Awareness

The hazards associated with confined spaces in the workplace are well documented. Accidents occur regularly. They can, however, be prevented.

Workers are made aware of hazards specific to confined spaces. They will gain a comprehensive knowledge and acquire tools to plan & minimize hazards. Participants learn how to interpret and comply with legislated Confined Space Regulations.

Good understanding promotes proper planning......................Proper planning promotes safe work practices

Not Product training!

It is important to differentiate between certified training and product training. Product training must be provided to users upon the introduction of new equipment.

The scope of Confined Space as a concept is much more involving and requires total understanding. This 8 hour training program is both intensive and interactive. Participants are tested on the concepts learned. Successful participants receive certification.

Who Should Attend ?


Employees who must perform work where they are exposed to the hazard of a fall. The law requires that a person be competent in order to perform their job safely.

Supervisors, Safety Officers & HR Personnel

Persons with the responsibility of supervising the use of Fall Protection equipment and procedures must first understand the fundamentals. Proper understanding of the concepts learned will foster good planning and positive implementation.

This course is intensive. A lot of information is covered in a short period of time. Participants are tested on the subject matter and issued certificates upon successful completion.

Course Content [ PDF ]

  • Introduction
  • Definition of a Confined Space
  • Pertinent Statistics
  • Hazards - Atmospheric
  • Hazards - Other, process related
  • Duties of the Supervisor
  • Duties of the Entrants
  • Duties of the Attendants
  • Troubleshooting
Training - Fall Protection
Training - Confined Spaces
Consulting / Plant Analysis